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Amusement Through My Lens
Welcome to my colorful world as explored through my camera lens, adding a little imagination. All photos on this blog are mine, (shot by me) unless specifically stated otherwise. Thank you for coming by!!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Picnic at Riverside

Take the pictures and run!!!

 In the roads less traveled in the country side I am sure you came across many freakish grocery stores?? Or what would they sell... Looking at the place, you wonder why they are out of business!!

Weeelllllll, Let's see, shall we??

Yah, want art advice??? Then I found your place right here!!!

 He's out!! Shucks!! Not my lucky day!

But this would be the last picture I shoot of this place. I do not know what category of women I fall into, so I don't want to risk getting shot...

Sunday, March 13, 2011

At the Antique's Store; Vintage Rose Antiques

On route 52, as soon as you hit Virginia, there is my favorite antique shop... Vintage Rose Antiques. It sits right under the Blue Ridge Parkway. It was nice and sunny yesterday and I had an hour to kill so I headed there. The very gracious  Kathy Harris who runs the shop and I like to catch up on things every time I go there.

Yesterday I decided that since I got my new camera, that would be a great place to take some pictures and capture the vintage patina.

My Favorite is the fiesta ware photo.


How'd I do???

The New Chapter in Life!! And other exciting things...

Yes, I decided to deleted the previous posts and move on. Those of you who have been around may remember my past... but that is it... The PAST!!!

I have turned the leaf on the old chapter of my life. Little rough for a few months while I was pregnant but after Megan was born... so much has changed. I have been so busy, really busy. Helped me a lot with keeping my mind on positive things. And I have to say, those months I really realized that God was with me the whole way. He had a plan for me and that was it. He showed himself in many people around me. I was in tears, amazed with the love and support I had, from so many: near, far,... family, friends I had, new friends I made, friends I have never even met in person... The love is there!! And I want to thank everyone for the support. I felt humbled with it all, I have not much to give back. I thought about it and figured, me getting better and being happy would be a reward to me and everyone who supported me. A way to show everyone, that their support was worth the while.

So I finally made it... I am happy with where I stand!!

So enough with that!!

I have just purchased my new toy. My new baby... a nice digital camera. Haven't named it yet =)
But I am loving it. I want to use this blog to show you my world through the lens. 

OK, I am still an amateur so please, I hope that I may have a decent start with lots of room for improvement so stick with me.

Here are some photos of my kids that I took last October with my older camera.

I am lucky to live just a few minutes away from the Blue Ridge Parkway, in VA. These pictures where taken there. Below is the Mabry Mill.

From my kitchen window...