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Thursday, July 19, 2012

All Pink

I was a teenager, slept in a room of mismatched old/antique furniture, so one morning I decided I needed a change and went bought a can of Pink paint... The pink teddy bear is one I had since I was a baby.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Maltese bread.

It is really hot here in Malta!! No doubt I now know how spoiled I am in the US where air condition is more utilized. Here on the island, hardly anyone has central a/c since it raises a bill to the roof and people cannot afford to use it. You can find a/c's in some public places and establishments.

So I took the kids for a walk to the park downtown this evening as the sun was setting and it cooled off some. I was raised in a town called Hal Qormi, which is well known for all the bread bakers in town, especially those who still bake the traditional Maltese breads. They have been around "for ever". As I turned one corner I was hit with the smell of fresh baked bread and I had to step in.

Oven is marked with the 8 pointed cross from the Knights of St. John who operated  from and ran the island during 1530–1798.

Bread crust was still crackling as it was being pulled out of the large wall oven. It smelled good in there and the memories came back... of when I was a kid, I was the one who chose to do the daily run to the baker to get fresh baked bread. Sometimes I even had to wait while the baker was still pulling it out of the oven. Mom gave me either a 5 cents coin for a small loaf or 10 cents for a bigger loaf. Sometimes walking home I got started on my dinner (against mom's order, I always really just spoiled dinner), pulling the side of the bread and eating it. At times I got home with half a loaf then Mom scolded me and sent me back for another loaf....

In Hal Qormi

Traditional Maltese "Hobz biz-zejt"

Here is a sliced loaf with spread tomato juice or paste, a splash of olive oil, finely chopped onions, capers and  sundried fruit/grapes. 

This stuff is DIVINE!!

Below is Maltese Gbejniet (goat cheese), covered in grinded black pepper.

I think everyone knows that when one travels to special places, its hard to refuse to try things or in my case eat those foods that I grew up with and miss so much. I wouldn't step on a scale until visit is over with. I can deal with it then because for now, I am going to enjoy..... (wink)!!