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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Our first snowfall...

It started snowing around lunch time on Sunday till late that night. The first snow fall this year and it may be our last.

I got up early on Monday, I put the fire on and made a cup of coffee. I bundled up really well, grabbed my camera and stepped out to capture the beauty of the snow until the predicted hot day melts it all away.

 The sun was just about to peak from behind the line of trees far on the other end of the cemetery.
My house is located across the street from this old cemetery, some graves date back to 1830's.

 This is my garden buried in snow. I love the blue paint on the apartments right behind my house. Especially against the white glow of snow.

I took this last shot and as you can see, sun was already nice and bright. The beauty of white only lasted till about lunch time. I am so glad to have captured it that morning. 

Though I was also glad to head back inside to my nice cup of hot coffee and toasty fireplace. I enjoyed the rest of the snow from behind the windows instead.