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Friday, August 24, 2012

Smithfield, VA

While on one of my crazy, happy go lucky drives on the coast, I decided to stop into Smithfield, VA. I heard about it and saw a booklet or two. Of course, I wondered what was all the hoopla about. I love all things old and antique.
I tell you though, when I rolled into town, it felt like time had stood still for like a hundred years...Amazing! The downtown historic district consists of beautiful Victorian homes, some remained as private homes, others turned into businesses. I saw quiet a few of them selling antiques. All well preserved and taken care of. Painted in the prettiest colors.

"I could live here"...
Yes, that is what came to mind while strolling down the street. 

This is a 1910 Maxwell in great shape. 
Oh, can you imagine who rode in this car, a cute couple all dressed up for Sunday afternoon drive. 

I love the couch lanterns and the tufted seats. 

Hmm, wasn't this car on the Titanic? I recall a certain scene... (wink)

A chandelier is, a chandelier... I just had to snap a picture.

I marvel in all the beautiful towns in that area. I could have a ball during Christmas time, visiting these places in all their magical twinkling lights and beautiful period decor. This town happens to be not very far from Williamsburg. Another amazing historic town in VA. Come Christmas, and I'm off to the coast to visit again.

See you next post.

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