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Sunday, March 18, 2012

New: Artistic Photography shop and a Giveaway!!

Been enjoying photography for over a year now and the collection of images keeps growing and growing. This week I decided to submit a portfolio of my work to a company that sells images to major advertising graphic designers. What I hoped most of all was to get the unbiased and professional opinion. The company reviewed my portfolio and emailed me a day later saying that they would love to work with me.

It is exciting for sure, I enjoy photography and styling and its a diversion from the rest of what I do. I may focus on it more right now since I have my art studio all packed up and the only way I can get creative right now is through photography.

I had also been pondering with the idea that I should open a store and sell some of my past shots. After a lot of thinking and hmmmm, some procrastinating perhaps, I finished setting up my new etsy shop with my photography.

So here are the prints I have currently available. I will be adding more for sure so make sure to add the shop to your faves and stay tuned.

My latest shot would be "The Writer"...


Sooooo... To celebrate with you I would like to host a giveaway for one 8x12 print or a set of two 4x6 prints of your choice from my shop. 

For your opportunity to win, I would like you to visit my shop, add me to your circle on etsy or favorite my shop on etsy and pick your favorite print (prints if you choose a set of two 4x6)... come back and leave a comment... If you are not an active "etsian" then just leave a comment here anyway

That is it!! 

I will draw a winner by the end of the day today, Sunday March 18th!!


Better get this party started then huh!! See ya later with a winner announcement....
Have a great day ya'll!!! =)


My Writing Friends Call Me Dusty said...

Hi Sonia,
I love the writer... what an amazing photograph... I loved going through your etsy photos.. such a talented girl...

Tamara said...

Talented, indeed! and congrats to you on your newest endeavor. Your work speaks for itself. It touches a universal cord. Much more coming your way! Tamara

Meaghan said...

Hi Sonia!

I LOVE "Gone Swimming"! It reminds me of the kind of sandals I wear in the summertime. I always have a favorite pair each year and I wear them so much that my niece's have given me a hard time about them and wondered if I had any other shoes LOL. I would so put this up in a beach room once we move to a bigger house. :) Good luck with your new Etsy shop!


Deborah said...

Sonia, your perspective and sense of style make each photograph truly unique and beautiful! I adore The Writer from the first time I saw it on Facebook, very well composed and has a soul to it! Good luck and much success with your new endeavor!


RustiKate said...

Hey, there! Loved looking at your pictures on etsy! :) My favorite is "Beach Houses". Keep up the good work! :) ~ Katy (aka RustiKate) :)

Pansy Cottage Girl said...

Wow, look at you growing and spreading your wings! Everything is so beautiful. Congratulations.

Royal Rococo said...

You must be a natural at photography love what you are doing !!!!congratulations on your new venture!!!

Shirley said...

Hi Sonia, I am so happy for your new project. You are now in my circle and I love the Enchanted Forest photo. I love scenery pictures as you notice on my blog. I use them whenever I can. Beautiful pictures are relaxing. Take care Your Missouri Friend.

b and bb cole said...

Hey Sonia,
I am so impressed with anyone who can take good photos. I wish I had the patience to learn about the camera... your photos are fabulous! I have to say I am very partial to "Enchanted Forest" - First Landing State Park, VA... it's gorgeous!
Wishing you all the best, I have NO idea how you do all you do!

GymboHannah said...

Favorited your new Etsy shop and added you to my circle. My favorite piece is "The Writer". The vintage typewriter and ink did it for me! Very nice! So very much looking forward to your moving to VA. - Michelle

Sonia said...

Deborah Hare ~ "Starfish"